Ensure Your Residential Garage Door Has the Following Safety Features


There are many different factors people consider when selecting garage doors. These include the size, opening and closing mechanism, material and design. While all these factors are important, there is one thing you shouldn't overlook: safety. Regardless of the type of door you install, it should have important safety features that prevent injury to your family or damage to your property. Safety features in garage doors start from the opening mechanism of the door and include the hinges, springs and even gauge metal.

8 January 2019

6 Safety Tips for Industrial Roller Doors


Industrial roller doors are an extremely convenient choice for a variety of businesses. However, they can be dangerous if you do not use and maintain them correctly. Here are a few important safety tips that can help you to stay safe when using industrial roller doors. 1. Avoid Entrapment Injuries Entrapment injuries occur when an industrial roller door closes onto a person, trapping them underneath. This kind of accident can cause crushing injuries.

5 December 2018

Automatic Garage Doors: Three Essential Tips for Ensuring Home Safety


Your automatic garage doors are convenient and minimise the stress of parking your vehicle in a safe space after a long day's work. Unfortunately, the expedient nature of this feature allows numerous homeowners to forget that the door can cause injuries. In simple terms, a garage door is a heavy moving object. If it is neglected, it could malfunction, and an unexpected accident could occur. Therefore, you must be diligent in proper upkeep to avoid unfortunate incidents in your home.

13 April 2018

What to Do to Remedy Common Garage Door Issues


Garage doors serve two primary purposes — to allow homeowners access to the garage and to keep intruders and harsh weather elements out. Over time, however, garage doors can stop working properly due to general wear and tear arising out of normal operation as well as exposure to weather extremes.  Identifying common garage door problems and knowing how to fix each problem can save you the hassle of having to call in a garage door technician every time you're faced with a garage door issue.

6 December 2017

5 Tips for Choosing a Patio Door


Maybe you're looking to install patio door in your newly built home or are you just planning to upgrade your old door? The type of door significantly impacts the appearance of the outdoor living space whether it opens to patios, gardens or balconies. Your choice should depend on your home's design, convenience and personal style. Here are a few tips to help you pick the right patio door. 1.    Design

27 November 2017

5 Ways to Enhance Kerb Appeal


Whether you are putting your house on sale or staying put, the outer appearance of the house speaks volumes. A potential buyer, for instance, wouldn't take long before deciding if they will purchase your property or not, and all this has to do with the kerb appeal of your house. The following points will give you ideas on how to improve the appearance of your home from across the street.

17 November 2017

Tips for Troubleshooting a Noisy Garage Door


Having a well-functioning garage door is critical to ensuring the safety of garage users as well as keeping cars and/or other expensive equipment stored in garages secure. Over time, however, garage doors may start making noise while operating. There may be a number of different reasons behind the problem, but some tend to be more common than others. Here are some of the most probable reasons for your noisy garage door:

13 November 2017