Guide to buying automatic gates


Many Australian homes have opted for automatic gates due to the convenience and security they offer. There are many automatic gates to choose from that meets different needs and budgets. The following tips will guide your purchase of automatic gates:


The dimensions of your driveway will determine the type of automatic gate you can buy. Driveway spaces vary in different homes. If you have limited driveway space, then sliding gates are your best choice. Swing automatic gates are suitable for properties with space to allow the gates to swing outwards or inwards. Also, the slope of your property will determine the type of automatic gate you need.

You can contact a professional and have them measure the dimensions of your driveway, which can determine the type of automatic gate you can buy.

Manual override

You should always include a manual override in your purchase of an automatic gate. While power outages are rare, they do happen, and the failure to have a manual override will leave you stranded. Manual overrides for automatic gates are available in different types, and they can ensure additional security.

Note that as manual overrides are only for emergencies, many homeowners do not use them. This can lead to a build-up of dirt and dust, which can make it impossible to open the gate when the need arises. Maintenance and testing are therefore necessary at least every few months.


Before buying an automatic gate, you should look at your property's exterior. The material of the gate should match the exterior of your property. Homeowners with metal fences will most likely purchase an automatic metal gate. While many homeowners are not looking for attractiveness, it is vital you get your money's worth. You should, therefore, look at alternative materials, polishes and finishes. It would be a waste to compromise on aesthetics, as you will pass the gate by every day.

Intercom system

Always include an intercom system for your automatic gates as they allow for convenience. With an audio and video intercom system, you know who is at your gate, and you can allow them entry from the comfort of your home. With an intercom system, you do not have to stand near the gate. Note that advanced intercom systems can increase the initial cost of purchase, but it improves safety. Advanced intercom systems can allow you to access the gate from your phone or tablet.


28 June 2019

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