5 Tips for Choosing a Patio Door


Maybe you're looking to install patio door in your newly built home or are you just planning to upgrade your old door? The type of door significantly impacts the appearance of the outdoor living space whether it opens to patios, gardens or balconies. Your choice should depend on your home's design, convenience and personal style. Here are a few tips to help you pick the right patio door.

1.    Design

A patio door will contribute to the overall look of your house, so you pick a style that complements the home. There are a lot of design options to choose from including swinging, sliding and folding doors. Other design options to consider include colour and grill patterns. You can even customise the design and colour to fit your style.  

2.    Consider swing space

You should also consider the space available. For example, swinging doors may not be convenient if they open to a small balcony. However, they can be appropriate for large balconies and patios. The direction of the swing is also crucial especially if you're looking to place furniture near the patio door.

3.    Size matters

You should decide how much space you want the door to occupy on the wall. Many homeowners are installing patio doors that extend the entire length of the wall to create the perception of an extended living space. Large patio doors will give you a better view of the outside and help you develop a stronger connection to your outdoor living space.

4.    Choose the right material

Go for materials that are durable and easy to maintain. The options include wood, vinyl, aluminium or steel and fibreglass. Aluminium and vinyl are the cheapest options while wood and fibreglass could be a little more. Pick a material that will not require constant attention and that fits your budget.

5.    Research glass options

The type of glass on your patio door is a factor you should not ignore. Direct sunlight may fade your carpets and drapes, so pick a glass that can filter the UV rays. Think tinted glass. Decorative glass will make your patio door pop while still giving you privacy. to lower your annual energy bills consider installing Low-E glass.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to patio doors. You should consider both design and functionality when making your choice. The right patio door will create harmony between your indoor and outdoor space.


27 November 2017

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