Ensure Your Residential Garage Door Has the Following Safety Features


There are many different factors people consider when selecting garage doors. These include the size, opening and closing mechanism, material and design. While all these factors are important, there is one thing you shouldn't overlook: safety. Regardless of the type of door you install, it should have important safety features that prevent injury to your family or damage to your property.

Safety features in garage doors start from the opening mechanism of the door and include the hinges, springs and even gauge metal. When buying a garage door for your home, make sure it has the following safety features.

1. Section joints fitted with safety edges

Every garage door has section joints. These joints put together the entire door surface and hold it in place. Section joints need to be sturdy and durable against damage over time.

However, many section joints tend to have sharp edges. These edges can easily cut people operating the door (or who are near to it). Sharp section joints are particularly harmful to young children who may be innocently playing with or near the garage door itself. To prevent such injury, make sure you consider section joints with smooth edges. These smooth edges eliminate sharp corners and even make the entire door more durable.

2. Garage door opener with motion detection

A slamming garage door is one of the most common causes of injury in the home. Many doors are made of stainless steel, and they can cause extensive damage if they come crashing down.

Typically, the springs and tension cords are responsible for holding up the weight of your door. An additional precaution is to install a garage door opener with basic motion detection. Such an opener will hold the door in place if it detects an object within the path of a closing door. This digital feature can also warn you if the springs are becoming loose or damaged.

3. Reinforced stiles to support all hinges

The hinges and rollers of your garage door also determine how smoothly the door opens/closes. To keep these components in good condition, you need heavy-duty stiles that can support your hinges and rollers from wear and tear. 'Heavy-duty' means that the stiles that are made from a strong metal such as stainless steel (preferably galvanised for extra strength). Avoid selecting doors that have stiles made from cheap materials.

4. A metallic retainer

Adding a retainer to your garage door is an important safety and security feature. Retainers made from a metal such as aluminium make the garage door stronger and sturdier. Retainers also ensure that the door panel remains strong against inclement weather (such as heavy rain and strong winds).


8 January 2019

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