6 Safety Tips for Industrial Roller Doors


Industrial roller doors are an extremely convenient choice for a variety of businesses. However, they can be dangerous if you do not use and maintain them correctly. Here are a few important safety tips that can help you to stay safe when using industrial roller doors.

1. Avoid Entrapment Injuries

Entrapment injuries occur when an industrial roller door closes onto a person, trapping them underneath. This kind of accident can cause crushing injuries.

To avoid entrapment, avoid standing or walking under an industrial roller door while it is moving. Always keep the door in sight while working in the industrial unit.

2. Avoid Impact Injuries

In addition to entrapment injuries, industrial roller doors can also cause impact injuries. These occur when the door malfunctions and suddenly falls into a closed position.

To avoid impact injuries, it is a good idea to avoid using roller doors as the main entrance or exit to your building. Instead, use personnel doors to allow employees to come in and out.

3. Maintain Industrial Roller Doors

Regular maintenance can help to reduce the risk of a roller door malfunctioning. Have your door checked regularly by a qualified technician. Avoid having your roller door maintained by anyone other than a trained professional.

4. Provide Training to Employees

The best way to protect your employees from industrial roller door accidents is to provide training. Let your employees know about the policies your organisation has for staying safe around roller doors, such as not standing underneath them. All employees must receive this training before they start work in a building that has industrial roller doors.

5. Protect Employees From the Effects of Drugs and Alcohol

All industrial environments must be drug-free zones if employees are to stay safe. Let employees know that you will not tolerate them using drugs or alcohol before or during work. If you suspect that workers are not following these rules, consider introducing drug testing.

6. Provide a Safe Work Environment

To stay safe around industrial roller doors, employees must be able to see the doors at all times. Be sure to provide adequate lighting in the area around the door. You can also put up signs reminding employees not to stand under the door and to check that the area is clear before they open or close the door. Always ensure there is a supervisor on hand to instruct workers in the proper operation of the door and help them to stay safe.


5 December 2018

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