Reasons to Install Roller Shutters in Your Garage


As a homeowner, you can only have peace of mind when you have installed all the necessary measures to protect your home from intruders. CCTV cameras and an electric fence is one of the effective ways to keep burglars out; however, they are not completely fool-proof. Roller shutters might be an added layer of security that your household needs. The shutters are made of metals like steel, aluminium and other rough metal alloys.

24 October 2019

Guide to buying automatic gates


Many Australian homes have opted for automatic gates due to the convenience and security they offer. There are many automatic gates to choose from that meets different needs and budgets. The following tips will guide your purchase of automatic gates: Dimensions The dimensions of your driveway will determine the type of automatic gate you can buy. Driveway spaces vary in different homes. If you have limited driveway space, then sliding gates are your best choice.

28 June 2019

Ensure Your Residential Garage Door Has the Following Safety Features


There are many different factors people consider when selecting garage doors. These include the size, opening and closing mechanism, material and design. While all these factors are important, there is one thing you shouldn't overlook: safety. Regardless of the type of door you install, it should have important safety features that prevent injury to your family or damage to your property. Safety features in garage doors start from the opening mechanism of the door and include the hinges, springs and even gauge metal.

8 January 2019