Signs You Need Garage Door Repairs


Many people pay little attention to their garage doors. Provided it's moving up and down, there's nothing to worry about. However, failing to pay attention to some signs of a faulty garage door could lead to expensive damage. Here are tell-tale signs that you need garage door repairs. The Door Opener Doesn't Respond Many garage doors experience the problem of a non-responsive door opener. This means when you push the button, nothing happens.

10 December 2020

Garage Door Repair: Three Simple Tips for Managing Common Motor Issues


The motors installed in automated garage doors are designed to perform consistently and last long. However, these openers are not immune to damage. Over time, these devices will experience gradual wear, leading to a decline in performance. Poor upkeep will also compromise the function of the door. Moreover, mechanical damage might occur due to accidents. If your garage door is showing signs of deterioration or failure, you should engage a professional garage door motor repair service.

27 April 2020