5 Ways to Enhance Kerb Appeal


Whether you are putting your house on sale or staying put, the outer appearance of the house speaks volumes. A potential buyer, for instance, wouldn't take long before deciding if they will purchase your property or not, and all this has to do with the kerb appeal of your house. The following points will give you ideas on how to improve the appearance of your home from across the street.

1.    Paint the front door

It might sound simple, but freshening up your front door will make a statement about the whole property instantly. It has been estimated that a buyer will decide whether they will buy a house or not in only about 8 seconds, so making sure that the front door gives a quick impression will work for you. And the process can be as simple as adding a fresh coat of paint, to replacing the wood or the handle, to something elegant. This will instantly transform your door and make it look new and appealing.

2.    Have an impressive entrance gate

The gate is the main entrance to your property, so you need to ensure that it looks good to any potential buyers. Just like on the entrance door, a gate can be adorned with some new paint and some good lighting on either side. 

3.    Renew the exterior

Regardless of the wall type, whether it is made of stones, bricks, or wood, a little re-touch and repainting will add life to the exterior of the house. Rotten window frames should be replaced, and the curtain blinds and linings should match. 

4.    Replace old garage doors

An old garage door might paint the picture of a neglected facility. Quick fixes might include having it freshly painted with metal polish or removing dirty spots or rust to give the impression of a new door. And if it is in bad shape, consider replacing the door with a new garage door

5.    Pathways and driveways should be tidied up

Any weeds, stains, and dirt on the pathway should be washed and removed, ensuring they are pristine. You can also replace any cracked stones on the driveway, bearing in mind that the buyer might have children or need to use a wheelchair.

Finally, remember that detail is key in kerb appeal. The small garden at the back of the house can be nicely manicured to give an impression to the buyer. Practice general upkeep of the lawn or any green vegetation. If you don't have any greenery, then you might consider planting a creeper. 


17 November 2017

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