Questions You Might Have About Residential Gates


Residential gates can keep out unwanted visitors, including wildlife and stray animals, something to consider if you have a large garden or small family farm. A gate can also improve the appearance of your property, make a residential home in a standard suburb look stately and a bit elegant. Whatever your needs for a gate at the end of your driveway, note a few questions you might have about this piece and how it operates, so you can decide the best option for your home.

How do emergency services access a property with a gate?

If you're concerned about emergency services getting onto the property, note that fire trucks are often large enough to just push right through a residential swing gate. Many emergency responders also have bolt cutters, so that they can cut the chains and locks of gates, also allowing them access. This obviously damages the gate so that it will then need repairs, but of course it's more important that emergency responders have the access they need to your property, than it is to keep the gate in good condition.

What about power outages?

If you want a motorized gate, and your area suffers frequent power outages, you might consider having a solar panel installed along with the gate. The solar panel can collect energy from everyday sunlight, and this energy is converted and stored in a battery of some sort. The battery then provides power to the gate; this might be the only power source you need for the gate, or the solar panel and battery storage might be used as a backup, if the electrical power should fail. In any case, this can ensure the gate will always open even if the power is cut off for any reason.

Will the gate affect insurance rates?

If you're looking to reduce your homeowner's insurance, you might discuss your options with your insurance coverage provider, and he or she can note if the gate itself would reduce your insurance rates. However, you might need to actually have added insurance for the gate itself, in case it should suffer vandalism or other such damage. In some cases, these two rates may cancel each other out, meaning the amount you need to pay for coverage of the gate would be the same as the savings you would get for added security. Only your insurance coverage provider can give you specific information about any cost savings or additional coverage you might need for your gate.


24 October 2017

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