How to Choose the Right Garage Door Style for Your Home


The style of your home's garage door is very important, as it should complement the exterior of the home and enhance its overall kerb appeal. This means that the shape, colour, material and other such features of the door will need to be carefully considered. To ensure you choose a garage door that is stylish and attractive as well as functional, note a few tips to keep in mind before you start shopping.


A metal door can be very functional and strong, but it may clash with a very traditional home, and especially a craftsman style home with lots of wood trim. A wood door might be the better choice for these home styles. If you're not sure what material to choose for your home, opt for glass, as this is very neutral and works with modern or traditional homes. Frosted Lucite is a popular option, as it provides privacy while being very strong and durable against damage and vandalism.


If your home has aluminium siding, you might avoid a garage door with vertical insets, or a pattern of tall and thin shapes, as this can clash with the horizontal lines of the siding. A solid panel might be better for your home, or opt for a door with square insets.

On the other hand, if you have a brick home, avoid square insets, as this can make the door look cluttered when it's next to the busy pattern of brick walls. A solid door might be a better choice.

For very large garages, break up the look of the door by choosing a design with windows. The glass insets will keep the wood or metal from looking too imposing and bland. This is especially important for very large metal doors, as they might otherwise look a bit industrial.


You may not give much thought as to the colour of a garage door, but something drab and grey might detract from your home's kerb appeal. A white door against a white home, or a drab tan door against a brown home, might also look very dull. Consider a colour that will make the door stand out and look like an accessory to the home, not an afterthought. If the home is white, a glossy black colour can enhance its kerb appeal, or you might choose a fire engine red shade for personality and style. If the home is brown, opt for a deep mahogany or cherry wood shade for something rich and attractive.


24 October 2017

Opening and Closing Garage Doors

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