Solutions to Common Garage Door Problems


Gone are the days when you had to leave the car and raise the garage door manually. Today, with just a touch of a button or remote control, a garage door opener will lift your garage door and close it after you. Unfortunately, sometimes you will come home to find that your garage door is not opening. What could be the cause of this? Here are five reasons why automatic roller door openers stop working and how to solve them.

Remote Control Malfunction

To resolve garage door opener issues, start with the simplest things because sometimes the problem could be something as simple as the remote not working. Go closer to the door, so you are within range, check that the batteries are working, and make sure that the antenna on the motor is facing down and is not damaged. If the remote is the problem, the door will open using the wall switch before you sort out the remote.

Disrupted Power Source

If both the remote and the door switch are not working, the most common issue is power disruption to the door opener motor. Maybe the unit is unplugged, the circuit breaker tripped, or the fuse is burned out. You will notice that there are power issues if other electrical circuits around the house or garage are also not working. Unless the unit is simply unplugged, an electrician should be called to check if there is a short circuit causing the breaker to trip.


If you notice the garage door reverses after closing, there is an issue with the sensitivity that should be adjusted. The door opener motor has screw where you can change the close-limit settings. Check the owner's manual to know exactly where the correct setting is and lubricate the rollers regularly.

Blocked Photo Eye

The work of the photo eye in garage doors is to ensure nothing is preventing the door from opening or closing. If this part is not working; the door will likely not open. The photo eye can be damaged by a rainstorm, dirt or leakage, so it should be checked regularly.

Broken Springs or Cables

Broken springs are the main reason why so many homeowners call a technician. If you ever hear a loud sound like firecracker or gunshot on your garage door, it's possible that the torsion springs have broken, causing the cables to snap as well. This is an issue that only a professional should solve, so don't try to open the door.

Contact a garage door expert for professional tune-up and maintenance so that you can avoid these problems and restore the normal operations of your door.


11 October 2017

Opening and Closing Garage Doors

Hello. My name is Benny and I would like to talk to you about the steps you should take if your garage door will not open or close. I am not a professional garage door repair guy, but I have had the pleasure of seeing one of the finest garage service contractors in Sydney at work. I called out the contractor when I discovered that my garage door wouldn't open or close. It was completely stuck. I called the contractor who came out and started to work on the door. He taught me some really cool things which I would like to share here.